At Bamber Bridge Pentecostal Church we take an active interest in many diverse missions both in this country and abroad As a church we try to support them regularly with annual financial help and specific help as needs arise.
We keep in regular touch by newsletter, visiting speakers coming to the church, written, email and phone correspondence and by people visiting from our own church to help on occasions.
A current example of this is in association with Central African Missions where one member of the assembly – Paul Nuttall – is planning to go out to the Congo in order to help the locals near the mission by installing an electricity supply
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The missions we support are based both at home and abroad and they vary greatly in the work they do.

Below is a resume of the missions we support:

In the UK

Stauros (Greek for ‘cross’) is an organisation which helps alcoholics, drug addicts, and gambling addicts who have got into real difficulties in their lives. Unlike other rehabilitative practices, however Stauros helps men and women to find deliverance from their plight by the power of the Lord Jesus. The testimony of ex addicts who now are associated with this organisation are powerful indeed.



Central African Missions

Perhaps the oldest of our missions having been running since 1912. Our late Pastor and his wife at the Church once served as missionaries for this mission. Quite simply it reaches out to people in the central African belt in preaching the Gospel. Even today in Ethiopia great things are happening where people are accepting Jesus as their Saviour and are seeing great miracles by the power of God. Some of these people live in real need but they are finding Christ can meet the need.


Leprosy Mission
This is a Christian Mission which gives practical help to people who suffer from leprosy. Working in very deprived areas of the world this organisation has been involved in pioneering new and successful ways to treat this disease.


Light of the Gospel Missions

Perhaps the smallest of missions we support, but one that is full of zeal. This mission is doing a great work in spreading the news of the Gospel in central Serbia where people for the first time are hearing about the love of Jesus, and how He died on a cross to save them. Run by Sara and Sacha Vitavic this mission is really helping poor people both practically and spiritually.

Email syitakic@ptt.yu

Barnabas Fund
Barnabas Fund does a very valuable work in uncovering the plight of many Christians who are oppressed throughout the world, especially in Islamic nations. There are Christians in some countries who face discrimination, persecution, dire poverty and even death on a daily basis for no other reason than that they love the Lord Jesus Christ. Barnabas Fund campaigns for the rights of these people according to the United Nations Convention on Human Rights, and also in providing in situations of desperate need.


Christian Witness to Israel
This is an outreach organisation which witnesses to Jewish people, telling them about their own Messiah, Jesus Christ. The organisation is global in scope reaching out to Jewish people scattered all across the world.
Maranatha Rice Appeal
This mission supports Bible Students in Sierra Leone by simply giving them a supply of rice so they can have daily meals.


Maranatha Rice Appeal

This mission supports Bible Students in Sierra Leone by giving them a supply of rice so they can have daily meals.